Studioz IDrream has been set up by IDrream Motion Pictures to produce meaningful cinema as IDrream focusses on digital cinema. Originally, IDrream Motion Pictures was set up in 2001 to produce high concept filmed entertainment and digital content. Studioz IDrream is now led by Ashish Bhatnagar, an Investment Banker and a media and entertainment analyst, Vijay Kumar R Swami, an advertising professional and Raagii Bhatnagar, a screenwriter, singer and designer.

The vision of IDrream is to play out interesting themes and in this process create a unique brand. IDrream produced 17 films while backing strong unusual stories, working with unconventional casts and has taken films to a global world where no Indian films has ever set sail. Initial success was through the release of ‘Monsoon Wedding’, ‘Bend It Like Beckham’, “Bollywood/Hollywood” which actually led to the birth of cross-over cinema. It has distributed these internationally acclaimed movies not only in India but in several international territories such as USA, Middle East and South East Asia. But it was the unusual cast combined with heavy VFX in the path breaking ‘Jajantaram Mamantaram’ (J2M2), which gave IDrream its dream success. The release of J2M2 was ground breaking – children film making became a commercial reality, globally it sold over 20 countries and on Indian television, it has rated consistently among the top 5 children films.

IDrream ventured into unusual genres – a unique political thriller ‘16 December’ on the backdrop of India-Pakistan war and a mythological ‘Agnivarsha’, each breaking new grounds in story telling and marketing. It then crossed new frontiers by investing in international productions – a mockumentary ‘King of Bollywood’, and ‘Naina’ a supernatural/horror thriller and ‘The Sick House’ a British horror film released by New Line Cinema in North America. Thereon, “Straight” – a coming of age movie highlighting homosexuality, co-produced with Sony Pictures Entertainment, etc. Other movies like “Tahaan” helmed by award winning director, Santosh Sivan which was released in more than dozen territories. Tahaan has won many international awards including the “Best Picture” at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. IDrream made its first successful foray into regional cinema with the award winning film ‘Jogva’. The film has won 60 state awards and 5 national awards, including Best Picture-based on a social issue.

Studioz IDrream now takes up the gauntlet and is developing a new breed of films with highly talented creative professionals with a purpose of reinvorigating Indian cinema with outstanding stories which can be told globally. Studioz IDrream believes that audience tastes are changing rapidly – not only in India but also worldwide. Success of “Lunchbox” is a shining example with more to come.

Besides backing unconventional stories, IDream has also achieved success in selling films globally. A division IDream Independent Pictures, was set up in London to sell films (it operated between 2007 to intermittently up to 2014) to more than 56 countries, thereby making it a key Indian sales agent for promising Indian indie cinema.

Studioz IDrream has partnered with Honey Trehan and Abhishek Chaubey, two creative powerhouse to bring stories such as “A Death In The Gunj” to life. It firmly believes that this is a powerful story which will not only resonate in India given the cast it has been able to attract but also internationally.