IDrream Tube is a digital initiative of the IDrream Group. This division started with monetizing film content and then created ancillary content around the film in a highly creative way. This attracted high viewership and encouraged the group to acquire further digital catalog. Today, this division is operating 22 channels and has planned a dozen more in the next one year. The 22 channels attract 1.5 Million views per day which aggregates to 45 Millions per month, growing at 10% per month. The 22 channels has about 5,00,000 subscribers which is also growing at the same pace.

Besides its strength in film content, IDrream Tube is now creating original content in the comedy, lifestyle, yoga, home remedies, technology and fashion space. The team is young with an average age of 24years and is very keen to work with talented artists in any sphere with an intent to create a digital platform showcasing the talent and thereby creating multiple revenue opportunities for the said talent.

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