Suli an innocent, happy, carefree girl tethering on the brink of womanhood is unexpectedly forced into a life of servitude to the local deity when the uneducated, rural community in which she resides compels her to live a life of subjugation and serfdom on account of rampant superstitions that plagues the village.

As Suli struggles to adjust to the new life unexpectedly thrust upon her, she meets Tayappa, a man forced to drape a sari and live the life of a woman and a homosexual as he too is a victim of the same circumstances that afflict her life.

Brought together by the plight of their similar circumstances and wretched futures, Suli and Tayappa develop a warm camaraderie, which eventually blossoms into love. Together they dream of living a happy, normal life, but are forced to face the wrath of a highly disapproving community that is hell-bent upon destroying their union.

Jogwa is a poignant tale of one woman’s inspiring journey to break free from the shackles of discrimination, sexual oppression and servitude and find true happiness.

  • Upendra LimayeTayappa
  • Mukta MarveSuli
  • Kishor KadamYamanya

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