Government of India honors it’s best Police Officer, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Malvika Chauhan. Malvika is a widow, and lives with her only daughter, Anjali. The case of homicide of a wealthy man, Kapil Sharma, is assigned to her. Before she can unearth any clues as to the assailant, a second homicide takes place – this time of an actress named Ritika Sabharwal. Shortly, thereafter a gangster-hit-man is also killed.

Malvika is convinced that the homicides are committed by one person, however, her superiors are skeptical, and would like her to wind up the cases and close the files soon. Malvika, with no clues whatsoever, even the weapon used in the killings is of an unknown origin, takes it upon herself to try and prove that the homicides are indeed related to each other, and they are the handiwork of one person.

She delves deeply into this matter, not realizing that she and her daughter are also on the hit-list of this assailant, who has always managed to keep several steps ahead of the law, and always carried out his horrendous killings with the precision of a determined professional.

  • Sushmita SenACP Malvika Chauhan
  • Lucy BartholomewRitika Sabharwal
  • Tushar DalviDr. Ravi
  • Jatin KariaKapil Sharma

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